Restrictions Lifted

As almost all of you will be aware, the UK Government are lifting the vast majority of Covid-19 legal restrictions today, including the need to self isolate following a positive test. There is still advice in place to stay at home if we do test positive, but it appears to be the same as with most viruses that we’re to do so on our own cognisance.

With the above changes taken into account, I’ve updated my Covid-19 Risk Assessment to reflect these changes, although it’s almost entirely now a moot point to have one.

Of course, I’m going to continue monitoring how things proceed from here and, as I’m sure will many of you, will wait to see what may happen next. If things continue to go as they are presently, I will be reviewing the need to continue having a Covid specific section of the site on the 1st April, when the Government plan to lift the last of the legal sanctions in place.

I’m sure that you’ll all agree that this is great news, both in terms of the events industry and general life itself. It’s been a very difficult 2 years, with many of my industry contacts taking a hit to their businesses, sometimes catastrophically.

Lets look forwards to living with Covid in a more practical way and, finally, being able to get back to some sense of normality.