COVID-19 Lockdown

In line with the current Lock Down situation in England, Gizmo Events are not presently operating any services. We will review the situation by 2nd December 2020 once government legislation & guidance is updated.

As with many sectors and companies around England and the rest of the UK at the moment, much of our working life has been shut down while we get the virus spread back under control.

However, this has provided us with an opportunity to review our working practices and make sure that we are still operating in the safest way possible once we are able to return to our, much missed, outdoor activities.

As part of this ongoing review process, we have taken the opportunity to make sure that we have fulfilled the “Good To Go” Industry Standard for all sectors of the tourism and events industry and have fully achieved this aim earlier today.

We have now updated and published our COVID-19 Statement, detailing how we are adapting our practices, that we will continue to update as needed and when the situation changes.

In the meantime, we will continue to observe the current lockdown and keep ourselves safe while we look forward to being able to return to work in the (hopefully) not too distant future!