Tracker User Guide


to the Race Time Result GPS Tracking Service. To get the best out of your
tracker while at your event we advise the following steps.

1. Before Race Day

You can share your GPS map with friends and family so that they can follow you as you complete your challenge. Your event organiser will send you a link to the live map web address.

2. On Race Day

  • Your event organiser will provide you with one of the GPS trackers when you arrive at your event.
  • Turn on your GPS Tracking Unit 20 minutes before the start of your event by pressing and holding the power button [ >> ] for 5 seconds or until the blue and green LEDs light up. Please note that you will need to be outside for the tracker to get a GPS fix on your location.
  • In the majority of cases, your tracker will have connected to the mobile network and found your GPS location within 3 minutes. If either the green or blue LEDs remain on and solid after 10 minutes, please speak with your event organiser.
  • Firmly attach the tracker to yourself or your bag with the supplied lanyard or belt clip.
  • Please Do not put the tracker at the bottom of a backpack as this will prevent the tracker from obtaining a GPS location for you.
  • During inclement weather, case trackers in supplied waterproof Zip-Lock-Bags.

One of our GPS Trackers showing the power button and LED bar

Our trackers have attached belt clips and also come with provided lanyards so that you can hang them around your neck. However, our experience is that many athletes prefer to have the tracker attached to their day bags or similar for comfort reasons. We strongly recommend the following method if you would like to carry your tracker this way.

  • Secure the lanyard around a strap or handle by looping it through itself.
  • Attach the tracker to the end of the lanyard
  • Secure the tracker to another strap on your bag with the belt clip so that it doesn’t bounce around (as shown in the image).
  • This makes the tracker secure and stops it getting dropped should it catch on something while you’re on your event.

Safely attaching your tracker unit

3. At The Finish

  • Turn off the tracker at the finish by quickly pressing the power button [ >> ] 3 times.
  • Make sure you remember to return the tracker to your event organiser before you leave your event!

What do the LEDs Mean?

LED SignalGPS Tracker Is:
Continuous GREENSearching for a mobile network
Flashing GREEN every 2 secondsConnected to mobile network
Continuous BLUESearching for a GPS signal
Flashing BLUE every 2 secondsGPS located and fixed

How does Live GPS Tracking Work?

The athlete (that’s you!) carries the tracker throughout the race. While doing
so, the tracker sends data such as GEO location, speed and status values
through the mobile network at specific intervals to the tracking portal at . Racemap creates the live visualization, which can be watched
worldwide on the internet. The tracker is only able to send current GEO location
if the device is activated, has a GPS fix and network reception. In areas with
dead spots the device can not transmit a location and is displayed “offline”
temporarily but will automatically reconnect once signal is re-established.
Racemap uses m2m SIM cards for the best possible coverage. These cards use
the strongest available network regardless of the provider.

  • Due to technical nature of the service there is no fail-safe guarantee of operation of live tracking.
  • Data is collected, saved, processed and published by exclusively for the purpose of athlete tracking, visualization of tracking and presentation on the web platform and in Racemap App,
  • We accept no liability for accidental, specific, indirect or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, damages for fines or summonses caused by improper use, non-usability or defects of the product.