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Suffolk Cycle Routes & Trails

One of the questions that I’m asked fairly regularly is “Where can I ride?”

This page contains various cycle routes and trails in Suffolk that I’ve ridden and I thought might be of interest to others. I’ll be continuing to add to these routes as I find more so check back often.

Route & Trail Map

An interactive map of all the Suffolk Cycle Routes and trails that I’ve ridden and collated.

Suffolk Cycle Trails

These trails are mostly traffic free, may contain varying road and trail surfaces but are accessible by the vast majority or all types of cycles during the summer. In winter months, it may be that a bike with some off-road capability will be needed to be able to comfortably ride them when it’s wet and muddy.

Alton Water Loop

A 12Km/8 Mile cycle trail that travels around the beautiful Alton Water reservoir along a mixture of trail surfaces that are rideable by practically any cycle.

The Shepherd Trail

An easy and fully signed Green Graded 5 Mile/8 Km Forest Trail loop that’s suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities, beginning and ending at High Lodge Visitor Centre.

Suffolk MTB Trails

These trails are almost all entirely off road and will require a bike with off-road capabilities to tackle them comfortably.

The Lime Burner Trail

The Lime Burner Trail is a red graded and fully signposted 9 mile/15Km route through the heart of Thetford Forest, starting and ending at High Lodge.

Suffolk Cycle Routes

These routes are road based and contain varying levels of traffic, although wherever possible this is kept to a minimum. These routes can be cycled on any bike and will have varying levels of distance and difficulty.

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