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Free Family & Adult Cycle Training

The Suffolk Roadsafe team offer FREE Family Cycling Sessions, designed to help you and your family get out and cycle together. Free Adult 1-to-1 Cycling sessions are also available and these are aimed at those who want to start cycling, have returned after some time away or just want to refresh their skills, knowledge and confidence.

These bespoke sessions normally last between 2 and 3 hours and are tailored to your needs, aims and aspirations. They make use of the subject matter in Bikeability Levels 2 & 3 to provide the most current guidance.

Family Sessions

Family Sessions work mostly with the younger cyclists amongst us, supporting them to achieve their Bikeability Level 2. If you’re keen to ride with your youngsters, your instructor will provide guidance and an opportunity to go for a ride together to see how this can be best done.

1-To-1 Adult Sessions

1-to-1 Adult Cycling Sessions are very flexible and individually tailored to when, where and why you want to ride. Whether it be a half mile trip to the local shops or 10 miles into the nearest town to meet for coffee, we will look at the routes you’re likely to take and ride them with you to provide opportunities in gaining knowledge and confidence.

In either case, your instructor will ask questions at the beginning to aid in identifying what you want to find out during the session and will do their very best to help you get the most out of your cycling.

Please note: Anyone wishing to take part must be able to ride a bike, own a helmet and be in possession of a mechanically sound cycle for the session to be able to take place.

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