Race Timing Manuals

These manuals are designed to be used as a reference guide for Race Timers who primarily contract for Race Time Result.

Race Director

Race Director – Building A Race

Before starting to build the race, make sure you have the following:

  • Event Booking Form
  • Race Participant Database (CSV or Excel format) if received from Event Organiser*
  • Chip File (CSV format) or Race File (.ZIP format)

*The race can be fully built prior to receiving the Race Database but will need to be later imported prior to Race Day.

If using a Race File (ZIP format) from the relevant event folder on Dropbox, (e.g. Race518.zip) then;

  • Restore The Race
  • Go to [Enter Results > Chip Systems > Chip Assignments]
  • Check that the number of Assignments matches the number of scanned tags (e.g. First bib number = 001 > Last bib number = 400 = 400 Assignments)
  • If there is a discrepancy, it will be necessary to identify where the error has occurred and the Race Organiser may need to be informed and asked to assign a new bib number to a participant

First Bib=201 Last Bib=600 Total Assignments 400 ✔️

If using this initial build method: skip Step 1 - Build The New Race and go to Step 2 - Set Race Options

Important! Be sure to "backup" the race once each part of the set up is correctly completed.

  • Go to the menu and choose [ File > New ]
  • In the New Race Window, set:
    • Race Number: Normally the next in your assigned series (e.g. mine are 501, 502, 503 etc)
    • New Race ID: Leave as is (normally the current year)
    • New Race Date: The date of the event itself
    • New Race Name: The full name of the event
  • Click [ Build Race ] and then click [ Yes ] to confirm
Build The New Race

1.1 - Import The Chip File

  • Go to [ Enter Results > Chip Systems > Chip Assignments ] in the Race Director menu bar
    • Click [ Import ] near the bottom left hand corner of the window
    • Choose [ CSV File ] from the options
    • Click [ Yes ]
    • Select the correct chip file csv in the explorer window and click [ Import ]
    • Check the pop up dialogue to ensure the correct number of assignments. E.g. "400 IPICO bib / chip assignment records loaded" and click [ OK ]
    • Click [ Close ]

1.2 - Chip File Sanity Check

  • Go to [Enter Results > Chip Systems > Chip Assignments]
  • Check that the number of Assignments matches the number of scanned tags (e.g. First bib number = 001 > Last bib number = 400 = 400 Assignments)
  • If there is a discrepancy, it will be necessary to identify where the error has occurred and the Race Organiser may need to be informed and asked to assign a new bib number to a participant

Note: It's often easier to identify any errors or missed scans by viewing the CSV file in Excel

First Bib=201 Last Bib=600 Total Assignments 400 ✔️

Go to [ Tailor > Options ] in the Race Director menu bar

The Race Options Screen

Go through and check/change the following options:

  • [ General ]
    • Ensure Date Format is "DMY"
    • Ensure that the "Race Date" is correct
    • Ensure that the "Age Calculation Date" is the same as the "Race Date"
  • [ Optional Data 1 & Optional Data 2 ]
    • Any additional data fields provided by the event organiser can be entered here
  • [ Participant Info ]
    • Ensure that "Auto increment of bib number on participant add" is checked. This allows On The Day Entries
  • [ Participant Info 2 ]
    • Ensure that "Allow Zero Age" is checked. This will prevent any issues with DOB affecting the results service.
  • [ Finish Line ]
    • If the event has a single division, has "ad-hoc" wave starts or is being run "chip-to-chip" Select [ None ] from the "Wave Start" drop down list
    • If the event has multiple race divisions with different designated wave start times (e.g. 10K @ 09.30, 5K @ 10.00 etc), select [ Division ] from the "Wave Start" drop down list.
  • [ Results 1 ]
    • Set "Format to show and enter times" to H:MM:SS
    • Check the [ Separate S/F ] radio button on "Start Reads"
  • [ Results 2 ]
    • Ensure the [ Overall Place ] radio button is checked in "Score teams by"
  • [ Chip Setup ]
    • Select [ Ipico Sports ] from the "Chip Scoring" drop down list.
    • Ensure the [ Gun to Finish Chip ] radio button is selected at "Determine finish position by" if there is a single distance/gun time.  If each division has waves, select [Start Chip to Finish Chip]
  • [ Mins ]
    • If any additional data fields were added into the [ Optional Data ] sections, select them from the "Not Available" list on the left and ensure they are added to the "Available" list on the right.
  • [ Partner Setup ], [ Race Day Scoring ], [ System ], [ System 2 ]
    • These sections do not normally require any changes and can be ignored.


  • Go to the menu and choose [ Tailor > Divisions ]
    • With Division 1 highlighted, click [ Edit ] at the bottom of the window and set the following
      • Division Name: Normally the name of the Race
      • Distance: Normally set to miles or KM. MUST be the actual race distance for the division
      • Event: Make sure that the correct event is selected from the drop down list
  • Click [ Save ] at the bottom of the window
Division Setup

Repeat Step 2.1 for any other divisions for the event by clicking [ Add ] at the bottom and completing the fields. (e.g. if there is a 5K, 10K and Half Marathon, there must be a division for each distance)


  • Still with the Division Setup open, go to the bottom of the window and click [ Add ] then complete the fields below:
    • Division Number: Will be the last in the series. (e.g. If you have 5k (Division 1), 10K (Division 2) then the Bandit Division will be Division 3)
    • Division Name: Enter “Bandit”
    • Event: Make sure that the correct event name is selected from the drop down list.
    • Unknown Participants Division: Check this box and click [ Settings ]
      • In the new window enter the following:
        • From Bib Number: “90000”
        • To Bib Number: “99999”
        • Bandit Trigger Number: “90000”
Bandit Division Settings


Highlight Division 1 and click [ Update Age Groups ] on the right hand side of the window. Using the information on the event booking form, complete the following.

  • In the Age Group Setup Screen
    • Click [ Single Insert ] and enter the following information
    • Gender: M
    • Age Range: e.g. “0” To “10” (This will be the first age range taken from the event booking form)
    • Description: e.g. M Under 10 (Note: Keep the descriptions short)
    • Click [ Save ]
  • Repeat the above for any single age groups that don’t have the same ranges. (e.g. Male 11 to 14)
Entering a Single Insert Age Group
  • Once the single inserts have been entered, click on [ Range Insert ] and enter the following from information on the event booking form:
    • Gender: M
    • Beginning Age: e.g. “21”. This is the first age for the ranges
    • Age Group Span: e.g. “10”. How many years between the start of each age group
    • Number to Set Up: e.g “5”. How many age groups are required? For example, if the beginning age is 21 and the last category is 71+, then there would be 5 age groups to set up (e.g. 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70)
Adding a Range Insert
  • Click [ OK ] and Race Director will ask you if you would like to copy the ranges over to the female category. Select [ Yes ] to allow Race Director to do this only if the age groups are the same for Male and Female.
  • Click on each Age Category that Race Director has just created to change the descriptions and make them shorter (e.g. Change “Male 21 to 30” to “M 21-30”) or change them if specified differently on the booking form.
  • Note: If the age categories are different for Male and Female, repeat the above process for the female categories.
An example of the added age groupings
  • Copy the age categories to each additional division, including the Bandit Division.
    • Click on and highlight the next division in the list (i.e. Division 2)
    • Select [ Update Age Groups ] from the right of the window
    • Select [ Copy Age Groups ] from the options on the bottom right
    • Select [ Division ]
    • From Division “1” and click [ OK ]
  • The same age categories from Division 1 should now appear in your current division
  • Click [ Close ] to return to the Divisions window
  • Repeat the above for all divisions


Check the event booking form to see if the top three male and female are excluded from winning their respective age categories.

  • If they are not excluded go to Step 3
  • If they are excluded:
    • Click on [ Set Top Finishers ]
    • Select Division 1 from the [ Bandings For ] drop down list
    • In the new window click [ Add Band ]
    • Click on the [ up arrow ] of the Male and Female boxes to set each to 3 (near the bottom on the left of the window)
    • Click [ Save ]
    • Click [ Close ] to return to the Division Setup window
Excluding Top 3 Winners from winning in their own age categories
  • Select [ Tailor > Teams ] from the Race Director menu bar
    • Click [ Update Classifications ] and a new window will open
    • Click [ Add ]
    • Enter "A" into the [ Code ] box
    • Enter "Teams" into the [ Description ] box
    • Click [ Save ] and then [ Close ] to return to the Teams window
    • Click [ Close ] to exit the Teams options
Setting the Teams classification

Note: The actual Teams list will be imported with the participants list from the database provided by the event organiser - If Team Scoring is active for the event, ensure that Teams have the same correct names (e.g. Norfolk Athletics Club and Norfolk AC MUST be edited to be exactly the same prior to uploading - i.e. both changed to Norfolk Athletics Club). If no team scoring is needed, teams can be left as named on the spreadsheet.

  • Go to RaceRoster.com/dashboard and log into the site.
  • Locate the desired event on the list and click [ View Dashboard ]
  • Go to [ Apps > Results > Add ]

On the Event Settings page use the following settings:

Important! Make sure that the "Results Frontend Version" is set to v2

5.1 - Add A Race to Race Roster

  • Scroll down and select [ + Add new race ] on the right. Then select [ Create Race ]
    • Enter the Race Name (Normally the race distance e.g. 10K)
    • Select [ Structured ] from the "Result type" drop down box
    • Choose the desired distance from the "Distance" drop down box
    • Leave "Race time precision" as the [ Event Default ] in the drop down box
    • Check the [ Results are viewable by the public ] radio button
The Race Roster event results dashboard

5.2 - Link the Event to Race Director

  • Go to [ Update > Participants ] on the Race Director menu
  • On the new menu bar (coloured light grey) that has now appeared, select [ IMP ]
    • Select the [ RaceRoster.com ] radio button from the list and click [ Import ]
    • Enter the RaceRoster User ID details on the right of the window and click on [ Get Races]
    • If you can't see the required event on the list, use the search bar at the bottom to locate it
    • Click on the event and go to "Step 2"
    • Click on the [ Assign RD Division based on RaceRoster Event ]
    • Click [ Close ]
    • Close the Update Race Participants Window
  • Go to [ Tailor > Divisions ] on the Race Director Menu
    • Choose Division 1 and click [ Edit ]
    • Click on [ RR (Not Set) ] and choose the correct Race Roster event from the list
    • IMPORTANT! Ensure that the 6 digit number (e.g. 128297) matches with the event ID on Race Roster
    • Make sure that the [ Event ] drop down menu isn't blank and contains the event name after selecting the right Race Roster distance
    • Click [ Save ]

5.3 - Link Each Additional Race Distance

  • Repeat steps 5.1 and 5.2 for each different race distance
  • For example, if there is a 5K, 10K and half marathon at an event, each distance will need a race created on Race Roster that is then linked to Race Director.

5.4 - Embed Race Roster Results onto the website

  • Go to the Race Roster website and the correct event page.
  • Select [ Results Embed ] from the options at the top of the events > results dashboard
  • Click [ Generate embed code ]
  • Highlight and copy the generated code
  • Log into the Website Admin Page and paste the embed into the relevant event results page

Important! Backup the Race before completing this step

  • Go to [ Update > Participants ] on the Race Director menu bar
  • In the "Update Race Participants" window create 2 fictional race entrants. The following details are required:
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Division (Select Division 1)
    • Gender
    • Birthdate
  • Click [ Add ] at the bottom of the window and repeat for a second entrant (if only 1 division)
  • If more than 1 division (e.g. Half Marathon, 10K, 5K) add a participant for each race distance.
A fictional entrant for testing that results publish correctly to Race Roster
  • Go to [ Enter Results > Chip Results ] on the Race Director menu bar
  • On the Chip Systems Result Imports screen
    • Select [ Finish ] from the timing location drop down menu on the right
    • Click [ Overrides ]
    • On the "Chip Overrides" window, click [ Add ]
    • Enter the bib number for one of your fake entrants and give them a time (net time is normally easiest)
    • Repeat the above step for each additional fake entrant.
    • Click [ Close ] to return to the "Results Import" screen and your two fake entrants should be present
    • Click [ Publish Live Results ] and wait for the confirmation pop up
  • Go back to the relevant event page on RaceRoster.com and click [ Results ] on the left.
  • Now click on [ View Results ] for the race being tested and check that the two fake results are visible.
  • Edit the results page to only include data that needs to be seen. Normally:
    • Overall Place
    • Bib Number
    • Name
    • Gun Time
    • Chip Time
    • Division Place
    • Gender Place
    • Team
  • Check on Race Time Result event results page that the same details are showing
Example test results from fake entrants

Important! Ensure that the previous version of the Race File is restored BEFORE Importing the race participant database

Important! Make sure you have [Restored] the race to remove test entrants before completing this step

  • Go to [ Update > Participants ] on the Race Director menu bar
    • On the new menu bar coloured light grey, click on [ IMP ]
    • On the list to specify the source of the data, go to the bottom and select [ spreadsheet ]
    • Step 1
      • Select [ Text ] from the drop down menu and then choose [ comma ] on the radio buttons to the right.
      • Click [ Locate ] and choose the location of the CSV file for the event.
    • Step 2
      • Match the spreadsheet columns with the RD mapping. In most cases, checking the box marked "First record contains column headings" will work, assuming the columns on the spreadsheet have headings.
      • Click [ Map From Headers ] after checking the box
      • Double check that the spreadsheet and RD Mapping columns match up, including any additional data.
    • Finish
      • Double check that Divisions have been specified in the spreadsheet or select from the drop down box (if only one division is available)
      • Make sure that "Determine team no based on team name" is checked and that the example record (normally the first) reads correctly.
      • Click [ Build ] to import the data
  • Close the import Participants window and check that entrants are reading correctly on the "Update Race Participants" window
  • Participants are now imported into the race.

Race Results

Race Results Troubleshooter

The Problem:

Live Results on Race Roster are showing times that are incorrect. To date, when this issue has occurred, the recorded times have had 1 hour added to them when they appear on the results pages.

The Solution:

  • Go to the relevant event Dashboard and choose [ Apps > Results]
  • On the Results Page click on [Event Settings] to expand the block
  • Towards the bottom of the Event Settings block, change the "Results frontend version" to "v2"

The results should update themselves after a page refresh.

If the results do not update, it may be necessary to remove the results and republish them from The Race Director. Follow the Race Roster - Missing Entire Columns From Results Troubleshooter to do this.

The Problem:

An entire Results Page column on Race Roster has disappeared from the listing. This appears to be limited to the "Teams" column so far and has only been known to happen to results published from The Race Director*.

*This issue appears to occur if the event has connected online registration in Race Roster and changes are made within the system post publication of the results.

The Solution:

  • Go to the relevant event Dashboard and choose [ Apps > Results]
  • On the Results Page expand the block for the affected results in the [Races] section.
  • On the right of the block, hit the [Remove Results] button to delete all current results for that event/race.
  • In The Race Director, republish the results for the affected event.

Once the results have republished from The Race Director, refresh the relevant results page to check that the column has reappeared.