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GPS Tracking FAQ

GPS Tracking Services

These are some of the more commonly asked questions about our GPS Tracking Service.

Your trackers will be sent to you by courier on a Next Working Day Arrangement and are normally dispatched on the Wednesday prior to your event (for weekend events).

If your event is to be held during the week, one of our team will make arrangements with you to dispatch the trackers to arrive at least two working days prior to your event.

Postage and Packing costs are included in the quotation and final invoice for your event.

One of our team will liaise with you to arrange a day that's convenient for the trackers to be collected. We will book the courier to come and collect the trackers and send you a pre-prepared address label to affix to the package(s).

Postage and packing costs are included in the quotation and final invoice for your event. However, please note that if you or a colleague are not available to give the trackers to the courier on the agreed day, you will be invoiced an additional £50 for booking a second collection slot.

If one of the trackers is lost or damaged during your event, you will be invoiced £50 for the cost of replacing the unit.

Please ensure that you collect all of the trackers units back from your challengers at the finish line of your event.

We have found that the best way to ensure that all of the trackers are returned to you at the end of your event is to place a dedicated crew member at the finish line.

Their sole purpose is to ensure that each participant hands back the tracker once they have crossed the line, before they move away to the refreshment area or other location.

Problems with our trackers, especially those that have any impact on an event, are exceptionally rare.

However, one of our team will be On-Call and available by phone for the duration of your event and will be more than happy to provide assistance.

In the unlikely situation that there is a problem with one of the units, the On-Call Technician is able to perform a number of actions remotely to remove any issue and prevent it becoming a problem for you.

As a last resort back-up to this: When we send you your tracker units, you will be provided with a small selection of additional spare units 'because you just never know'.

In the highly unlikely eventuality that the Technician is unable to solve the problem remotely, such as in the case of a hardware malfunction, then they will assign one of the spare trackers to the relevant challenger and this can be swapped at the next checkpoint or by a support vehicle.

The Technician will contact the Event Director (or assigned crew member) by telephone to arrange this with them as soon as reasonably practicable.

If your question isn't answered here, no problem! Simply complete the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can with an answer (normally within 24 hours). 

Alternatively, you can email me directly at

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