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GPS Tracking Services

“Going beyond just knowing where everybody is…”

GPS tracking services for sport and challenge events

Delivered in Partnership With Race Time Result

GPS Tracking helps you control & manage your event and enables you to share experiences online with customers, supporters & sponsors.

Live tracking goes well beyond just knowing where everybody is.

It provides peace of mind, improves your athlete safety and helps to promote your event experience to a much wider audience through it’s interactive mapping.


Maps can be fully customised with different colour tracks, tags and markers. Make use of various mapbox styles, add points of interest or emojis and even include your sponsors logo with a link to their page.

Event & Race Organisers

Manage your entire event and crew from race control. Monitor everything that’s going on via the live tracking map from your computer or even your mobile device if you need to be away from the desk.

Your Participants

Increase your event entrants fanbase and raise sponsor profiles by sharing your live event online with your participants and their supporters.

Our Services

We offer an efficient, versatile solution to tracking your event in real time. Our interactive maps and mobile-friendly tracking app are optimised for group challenges and can be scaled from small sporting events to huge challenges with thousands of participants and online spectators.

GPS Packages Include

  • GPS Tracking Map
  • Assistance with map design
  • 24 hour Event Day technical support
  • Mobile tracking app

Additional Services

  • Leader boards
  • Sponsor Logos
  • Advanced Mapping Services
  • Multiple routes on a single map

Our GPS units are small and lightweight with a powerful battery that can provide position updates for over 24 hours, making them ideal for:

Running / Ultra Running / Marathons / Trail Running / Walking / Trekking / Expeditions / Kayaking / Canoeing / Cycling / Sportives / Audax / Mountain Bike Challenges / Enduro / Event Staff / Logistics / Sweepers / Directors / Safety Staff / Medics / Key Players / Emergency Services / DofE / Scouts / Youth Groups / Schools / Charity Fundraising Events / Orienteering / Mountain Marathon

How Does it Work?

  • You provide us with a GPX or KML of your official race course
  • Our GPS units can be collected from us on the day or posted to you before your event
  • Embed the map we provide onto your website and share it on social media
  • Your mobile phone users can download the FREE Racemap App and use a unique key sent by us
  • GPS tracking unit users details are uploaded to the map by us via csv file
  • Your maps go live on race day and remain active indefinitely

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