Family & Adult Cycling

In addition to the huge amount of training delivered to younger riders in schools, many local authorities and training providers around the country also provide more informal training to families and adults who want to refresh their skills or gain more confidence in riding on the road.

The exact format of this training can differ from place to place, but all sessions use Bikeability as the backbone of the information and guidance that’s delivered.

For the younger riders within a family, the instructors will generally aim to deliver Bikeability Level 2. This will often then be intertwined with more general guidance around riding as a family group and, wherever possible, opportunities will be offered to try it out while the instructor is still present.

Adult cycling sessions are often delivered on a 1-to-1 basis but can be provided to groups of up to 3. These sessions are both informal and flexible with the aim being to provide more knowledge and confidence in riding the places that you want to ride. Again, the exact way in which this is delivered can vary from place to place, but still uses the Bikeability processes and routines to reach your aspirations.

To find out about the training that may be available in your local area, contact the Road Safety team of your Borough or County Council. Alternatively, take a look at the Bikeability Website to see which training providers may be available in your area.

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