Phone User Guide


to the Race Time Result mobile phone GPS Tracking Service. To get the best out of your phone tracking while at your event we advise the following steps.

1. Before Race Day

  • Download and install the Racemap App onto your mobile device from the relevant app store by following the link below:


  1. Please ensure that you install the app and register your key on the device that you will be using on the day of the event.
  2. If you already have Racemap installed on your device, please make sure that it’s updated to the latest version.

  • Once installed onto your device, Open the Racemap App and you’ll be faced with a list of live and upcoming events (NB: You may see your event on the list, just disregard it for the moment).
  • Towards the top of the screen there is a search bar into which you should type your 6 digit tracker key, assigned to you by your event organiser. Please note that the code is not case sensitive.

  • As you type the last digit of your key, the app will automatically take you to your event and you’ll need to enter both your full name and your assigned race number into the relevant boxes. Please double check the event name at the top of the screen and all fields to ensure that your details are correct.
  • Once you’re happy your details are correct, hit the CONFIRM button at the bottom to go to the confirmation screen.

  • On the signup confirmation screen, hit continue to complete the process and return to the Racemap home screen.

  • Your event will now appear towards the top of the screen and will have a blue tick next to it that shows you are registered for the event.

If you have any issues or questions when signing up for your event, please contact me on

07795 325764 or at

2. On Race Day!

  • Ensure that your device is fully charged prior to the start of the event.
  • Around 20 minutes before your event is due to begin: Switch on your device and open the Racemap App.
  • Go to your event screen and then touch Start Live Tracking at the bottom of the screen.
  • That’s it, you’re ready to go. Good luck and have a great race!

Before you start your race, please take note of the following to ensure that you get the best experience:

  • While taking part in your event, please make sure that your device has a view of the sky so that tracking can take place.
  • Do not place your device in the bottom of a bag or similar as this will have a detrimental effect on our ability to track you.
  • Keep an eye on your device’s battery level. We strongly recommend taking a power bank or similar along with you to keep your device healthy and running, especially on longer events.
  • Have a great time and enjoy your event!

Remember to switch off Live Tracking again before you head home after your race!

How does Live GPS Tracking Work?

The athlete (that’s you!) carries your activated mobile phone throughout the race. While doing so, your phone collects and sends data such as GEO location, speed and status values through the mobile network at specific intervals to the tracking portal at Racemap creates the live visualization, which can be watched worldwide on the internet. The tracker is only able to send current GEO location while you have Live Tracking activated in the app, your phone has a GPS fix and network reception.

In areas with ‘dead spots’ your device will not be able to transmit a location and will be displayed on the map as “offline” temporarily. It will automatically reconnect and send an update to the map once signal is re-established.

  • Due to technical nature of the service there is no fail-safe guarantee of operation of live tracking.
  • Data is collected, saved, processed and published by exclusively for the purpose of athlete tracking, visualisation of tracking and presentation on the web platform and in the Racemap App,
  • We accept no liability for accidental, specific, indirect or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, damages for fines or summonses caused by improper use, non-usability or defects of the product.