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Privacy Policy

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, Ross Spencer (Gizmo Events) will be the data controller in respect of data collected via this website. The privacy and security of the users of the website is important to us.

This privacy policy explains how I use the information I collect about you, how you can instruct me if you prefer to limit the use of that information, and the procedures that I have in place to safeguard your privacy.

My privacy policy relates only to information that I obtain from you. If you visit a website operated by a third party through a link included on this website, your information might be used differently by the operator of the linked website.

Gizmo Events is fully committed to full compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. I will therefore follow procedures which aim to ensure that any authorised agents (e.g. employees) who have access to any personal data held by or on behalf of the company are fully aware of and abide by their duties under the General Data Protection Regulation
This policy describes how this personal data must be collected, handled and stored to meet the company’s data protection standards — and to comply with the law.

What Data Will I Collect?

Gizmo Events does not receive or store any financial transaction data at all. All work and operations are carried out on behalf of third parties and the data we receive from those parties does not include any transaction data whatsoever.

Any data supplied to via a contact form on my website is deleted after the enquiry has been settled – and I do not store such data other than in a password protected email Inbox for as long as is necessary to settle such an enquiry. I do not store or harvest any such data for any form of marketing.

Any data supplied when registering to access restricted sections of my website is kept only for the purposes of registration and as long as you wish to retain membership of those website sections. I do not harvest any such data for any forms of marketing.

In certain operations where I am providing services to a third party (e.g. GPS Tracking and Race Timing) I will have access to certain information about you which may include your name, date of birth, gender, email address, postal address, details of your running or athletic club membership and telephone numbers. This data – which we call athletes data – will be used only for the purposes of race administration and race timing on events that I have been contracted to work.

Why I Collect Data

I will collect data to:

At no time will I make contact with you for the purposes of direct marketing. If you are an organiser for an event that I have been contracted to provide support for, it may be necessary for me to contact you in the situation that clarification is needed on an aspect of your event. You data will only be kept for the duration of the contact until the enquiry has been satisfied.

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